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Festival Rules


  • The competition is for amateurs and students (who do not attend full-time vocational dance college) or earn the majority of their income from teaching or performance of dance.

  • Entrants must be under 21 years of Age

  • The age of the competitor is taken as on 1st September of the previous year of the festival.

  • Entry for duets, trios, quartets and groups is determined by the eldest candidate.  Bognor Regis Dance Festival reserves the right to request proof of age if necessary in the case of a dispute.

  • Bognor Regis Dance Festival reserve the right to return an entry without assigning a reason.

  • Bognor Regis Dance Festival may combine classes when entries are small, divide when large when deemed necessary.

  • The Adjudicator’s decision is final, any communication with the adjudicator concerning any matters of the competition is strictly prohibited.

  • Competitors may not perform more than once in solo classes or twice in a  duet , trio or quartet Class.

  • In all classes please ensure the costume, movement and music is appropriate for the age of the entrant.

  • Pointe work is not allowed for any entrant under 13 years of age.

  • No food or Drink (except bottle water) allowed in the auditorium.

  • This is a non-smoking venue, including e-cigarettes.

  • Any inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated, Bognor Regis Dance Festival reserve the right to disqualify an entry on these grounds and not refund entrance fees.

  • Please ensure all mobile phones are turned off so it doesn’t disturb the performance.

  • Strictly no fees will be refunded under any circumstance.

  • Photography, film, video or tape recording is prohibited

  • All staff and volunteers have been DBS checked and will also adhere to The Bognor Regis Dance Festival Child Protection Policy

  • . The Festival’s Safe Guarding Policy and approach to Creating Safer Festivals for Everyone is published explicitly in our Programme and on the Website.  By completing and signing the entry form all parents / guardians / carers and teachers of competitors under 18 (or vulnerable adults of any age) confirm that they give (or have obtained) the necessary consents for the competitors to take part in the Festival.

  • Acknowledgement of reading and complying to safeguarding policies, rules of the festivals must be entered on the entrance form.

  • Bognor Regis Dance Festival does not accept liability for the infringement of copyright, recording or performing rights arising out of any competitor’s accompaniment or performance. Teachers and choreographers using music created from commercial recordings are advised that they are responsible for seeking the permission to re-record from the recording companies concerned.

  • Please Ensure that all music is uploaded at least 2 weeks prior the Festival. Mp3's should be clearly titled with the contestants name/names. For Groups, Trios and Duets, if candidates are entered in more than one dance please ensure that each track is labelled with the dance title.

  • Time limits for dances must not be exceeded.

  • Pre-recorded singing or chanting is NOT allowed in the song & dance class. Pre-recorded music in the tap class must NOT include any recorded tap or similar sound effect. 

  • No Un-authorised persons at side of stage 

  • No re-dance permitted unless it is at fault of the music or at adjudicators discretion.

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